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To use DEM on your PC, you need to have the following tools installed:

  • Python 3.10+
  • Docker Engine 24.0+


You can download the installer script from the root of the repository:

curl -O

If you are happy with the content of the script, you can execute it:


Example Tutorial

Learn by doing! Try our tutorial with a simple embedded project!

Alternative installation

If all the prerequisites are fulfilled, DEM can be installed from the PyPI repository:

pip install axem-dem

ℹ The package name is axem-dem, but the command is dem.

Enable autocompletion

After installation, you can enable the autocompletion for bash and zsh shells

dem --install-completion

If the command didn't work, supply your shell type as input parameter (bash or zsh)
Note for zsh users: compinit must be called from your .zshrc.

Optional: Use the source code (for DEM developers)

DEM can be run as a Python module. To do this, you need to add the -m flag to your command.

For example:

python -m dem list

We use poetry to manage dependencies. To ensure that you use the correct versions of the required modules, you should enter the preconfigured virtual environment.

First install the environment with required dependencies:

poetry install

Enter the virtual environment:

poetry shell

Inside the virtual environment, you can run DEM the same way as it was an installed package:

dem list