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Learn by doing!

Try our tutorial with a simple embedded project!

Now that you have DEM installed, you might find yourself in one of the following scenarios:

I'd like to start with a template...

Here at axem we'd like to create a template for every target out there. List the currently available ones with:

dem list --cat

You can clone the selected template with:

dem clone DEV_ENV_NAME

I'd like to work on a project already configured with DEM...

In this case you only need to initialize the Dev Env with:

dem init

I'd like to use a Dev Env someone shared with me...

You can import a Dev Env descriptor JSON with:

dem load DEV_ENV_NAME

I'd like to create my own Dev Env from scratch...

Create a brand new Dev Env with the following command:

dem create DEV_ENV_NAME


We believe that a project's dependencies should be stored in the project's repository. This way, every developer can use the same Development Environment. A Dev Env can be assigned to the project with the assign command.

At this point you have the Development Environment's blueprint - its descriptor - in your local catalog, which you can modify to your needs. You might want to:

  • Add/remove tools.
  • Change the tool image for a given tool.

You can edit it with the Development Environment settings window:

dem modify DEV_ENV_NAME

Finally, if you are ready to use it, you can install it with:

dem install DEV_ENV_NAME

🎉 You are ready to start working with your Development Environment!

For more detailed instructions about the commands please refer to the Commands chapter.